Ipad 2: Review

Ipad 2: Review- Technology News.

Although regarded as the most popular tablet for his life last year, original iPad (iPad 1) still has some shortcomings that are sometimes quite disruptive. It then becomes a target class vendors tablets two tablets offer an alternative that tries to offer something that is not owned by the iPad.
Enough already! possible sentence to be conveyed through the product anyarnya Apple iPad2. IPad latest generation product is released to cover the shortfall iPad earlier in their own way.
Because, admittedly or not, the iPad has been a trendsetter for this. Apple managed to lead an existing tablet form to form as we see later. Naturally, if then a correction for the trendsetters will eagerly awaited by both fans and those who hated him.
IPad 2 officially launched in the United States in March 2011, with two variants, namely WiFi and 3G + WiFi. Both are removable mass storage with three options, namely 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB.

Design iPad 2: Rumors Vs Facts

One drawback is the amount of screen iPad bear. 10 inches with a ratio of 4:3 is not the thing that made him popular. Video lovers will choose a 16:9 ratio, and gadget lovers would prefer a smaller screen for the device as thin as the iPad.
Did you know? iPad 2 does not fix this. Diagonal screen iPad 2 remains the same as its predecessor-10 inches with the same aspect ratio. But all the positive things that have remained old iPad brought by iPad2. LED-backlit TFT display 16 million colors with protection oleophobic surface feels most comfortable when compared to the tablets from other vendors.
iPad2 released with two colors, namely black and white. However, staining was limited to the part that surrounds the screen. Because the back cover material decorated iPad2 unibodi silvermetalik colored. Â Both iPad 2 black and white will have the same color backs.
The difference will be noticeable when you compare products and not air-3G. Because the product is equipped with air-3G signal amplifier section of the black on the upper end of the back cover. This can at least help us to distinguish between air-3G iPad 2 and no.

In accordance with the rumors that circulated before its emergence, iPad 2 is made with a more compact design. That is, he made thinner and lighter than older iPad. Many positive things that we get. In addition we will look more elegant when carrying these products, the fingers would be more easily access the display. Unfortunately, this reality applies to those who use it upside down without any additional cover. Fear iPad 2's slipping from the hands of the greater because ketipisannya it.

At the initial launch of the iPad 2, all the people enliven smart covers. That loh, iPad 2 cover so-called smart because it can change shape.

Camera and Facetime

One shortcoming is the absence iPad older camera. Where then Samsung Galaxy Tab often use this excuse to be better. On the one hand, yes, iPad 2 camera capable membuatny atampil better than the iPad. Unfortunately on the other hand, does not, the camera Galaxy Tab still better than the camera iPad 2.
If may be argued that Apple would say: this tablet, man! What can you do with a tablet? Taking photos of people while pointing iPad wide on the street I think is also not possible. Unless indeed you're showing off iPad 2. Or lest you be mistaken for being painted, not photographed.
As an illustration only. iPad 2 has 2 cameras. One in front, one behind. Where the front of the camera has a VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixels), while the camera back to bring a resolution of 0.7 megapixels (960 x 720 pixels). Luckily, the rear camera capable of recording 720p HD video (1280 x 720 pixels) that berasio 19:6. Weird huh?
Front camera can be used for the photographs themselves. But mainly, this camera is prepared for Facetime. Videochat feature via WiFi networks that began to emerge since the presence of the iPhone 4 is often considered a killer feature in order to challenge the property 3G video call feature.

Before going to talk about its performance, the future.
First, because the absolute need facetime WiFi stable.
Second, Facetime will race against time, before the Video Chat Yahoo Messenger for IOS can be used in Indonesia.
Log into the performance. PULSE trying to make calls from Facetime iPad iPhone 4 to 2 and vice versa. When the iPhone 4 is connected, we can not even log in to facetime with multiple accounts owned by Apple. Many factors influence here, and firewall issues in WiFi networks can be a constraint. For that, writing about the discussion of Facetime and trials as we discuss at length in later editions.

IOS 4.3.1

iPad 2 carry the same software with the iPad. Of course with some version of an update. But, for the record, the iPad Older versions can be upgraded to this OS. This means that from the software side, the iPad 2 does not have any significant difference compared to the iPad. Unless the number of applications relating to the last camera functions, such as Photo Booth and Facetime.

While ability standard multimedia such as audio and video is still unchanged. Positive for the audio problems but less perfect in the video side. Limited connection problem becomes a major obstacle.Especially when we try to move the HD format MOV video files. Must be uploaded to iTunes first, then synced, it is so, we still must face the fact that not all bitrates are supported by iPad 2.

No. By Default Document Processing

For those of you who are often struggling with documents belonging to Windows, such as words, Excel and so on, iPad is not the primary choice. Likewise iPad 2. Just so you know, the Apple iPad have an application that is equivalent to these activities, but you must buy it separately.
This question appears first when the new PULSE enable iPad 2. Is it true iPad 2 faster than the original iPad?
In theory anyway, should be so. In comparison, the iPad 2 has a dual 1 GHz processors. While iPad uses only a single processor 1 GHz. On the RAM memory iPad 2 has a larger 2-fold, namely 512 MB, while the iPad only 256 MB.
Then when we try, the speed of this acceleration are felt at the turn of the features, when closing the application, until membukany akembali from the task manager. Found almost no lag, which we often encounter on the iPad. Proven! Not to mention the increased responsiveness of the screen because this brand-new processor. It is much needed by a touch screen device like the iPad 2.
Does not stop there, our curiosity finally decided to do a benchmark. And Geekbench is our choice. Indeed this application is for the iPhone. But the newest version is claimed to be able to detect IOS with dual processor performance.

Do not Buy or Not?

iPad 2 seems to be released for new markets. Not old iPad owners. Because there is not much significant change in the iPad 2. Especially in the software side. But if you intend to replace the middle of the tablet to the tablet you have a better, iPad 2 is a recommendation that there is no opponent (as of this writing).
About the price, it's very relative. In our opinion anyway, if the price in Indonesia is too far from the official price offered by Apple, it's better just wait until the price becomes stable.

Specifications of Apple iPad 2

Processor                       1 GHz p   Dual-core A5

Display                            9.7

Resolution                     1024x76 (132ppi)

RAM                              1GB

Memory                         16GB, 32GB, 46GB

Front camera                 VGA (640x 480 pixels)

Rear Camera                  0.7 MP

Video                              720p

Video playback            720p

OS                                   IOS 4.3

Internal memory           None

Flash                             None

Ports                             30pin dock connector port

Sensors                        Accelerometer, Gyroscope

Network                      3G

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