Most Expensive Mobile Phone 2011

Technology News-Most Expensive Mobile Phone 2011.

This is the most expensive phones in 2011 which was released late December 2011.
Some people say the more expensive the more increase his dignity as well.
And this is one of your provider of choice because of its luxury trimmings of gold and sapphire crystal that makes expensive.

Luxury mobile phone business is still tempting some party manufacturers such as Vertu, Mobiado and Gresso. And, this time turn Gresso, who will introduce the newest member of its luxury mobile phone collection, Grand Premier.

Gresso company has just launched a new addition to the collection Avantgardenya. Feature phone called the Grand Premiere is probably not sefungsional Android or IOS devices, but despite its shortcomings in, this phone still look attractive with a charming exterior.

Gresso Grand Premier comes with a body frame of the display, keypad and D-pad is made of gold. While the back and front is dominated by a sapphire crystal material. The amount of gold used for each unit that is 150g. While weighing 138.5 carats sapphire crystal. Interestingly, the numbers and letters printed on keypad Grand Premier is engraved with laser technology.

Like most other luxury phone, Gresso Grand Premier seemingly embracing the concept of feature-rich mobile phones. See, paltformnya still limited to S40 (Symbian S40) aka not as smart phones (smartphones). Even if disebandingkan with feature phone like hers then guess the price is right for her was no more than 200 Euros (USD 2.4 million).

The dimensions of this phone is 121x46x12mm, weighs 190 grams. Price tag that will be labeled for Gresso Grand Premier is later recorded very remarkable at around $ 50,000. The spectacular price for the size of a standard cell phone in public use.

This phone will come with a very limited amount, which will only be 50 units. And, according to information circulating, Gresso Grand Premier would slide on the market at least the end of December 2011.
Are you interested to buy? Immediately check the Gresso boutiques in the country you are.

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