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A startling fact that you should know from the competition of two products of this top-end smartphones. Many people in the world who have heard about this competition, but all come back to you all who feel comfortable with the products you use today.

This review does not intend to 'shrink' the other competitors, because, true competition in the global smartphone market was dominated by two main competitors, namely the Android and iPhone. If seen from the number of devices sold, Android is already beating the iPhone.

No wonder indeed, along with the many vendors who carry the smartphone operating system Android segments ranging from entry level to high-end, the popularity of Google's operating system are now increasingly in the eyes of its customers.

Meanwhile, related to Android and iPhone competition, former Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that Android has now beat the iPhone in the rivalry between the two smartphone giants.

"Android is in front of the iPhone now," said Schmidt.

According to Schmidt, Android is superior to the iPhone in terms of the number of devices sold. It was none other than due to the Android phone is priced much cheaper and more vendors carrying the operating system.

Not only about devices that are sold, the former CEO of Google was too optimistic in the competition in the sector of application. According to him, although more application developers tend to like IOS, but Android will eventually be the winner and more desirable.

"Ultimately, the application vendor driven by sales volume," he snapped.

Schmidt also added that at this time globally there are many manufacturers that provide Android phones.

That's what makes the Android operating system is so bright in the world. According to a recent report from research firm Gartner, noted that Android has earned a half share of the global smartphone market, which amounted to 52.2%.

The number of Android devices are activated now been through more than 200 million devices with an average of 550,000 new Android devices activated per day around the world.

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