Fastest Computer From Fujitsu "K"

Technology News - Fastest Computer From Fujitsu "K"
Fujitsu with RIKEN (Rikagaku Kenkyusho / Institute of Physical and Chemical Research) since 2009 and is developing a computer system named "K" is derived from the Japanese kanji "Kei" which means ten maps. In another sense, "Kei" refers to a large gate and this system is expected to be a gateway to computational science.

More recently, in the event the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC) ​​2011 in Hamburg, Germany, announced that "K" occupy top positions in the TOP500.
Specifications "K" is the "K" has a 672 CPU rack with a total of 68.544 and will continue to grow because the "K" is still in development stage, and the plan "K" will have 800 computer racks, each equipped with an ultra fast and efficient CPU in consuming energy - and can reach 10 petaflops using LINPACK.

Although still in development stage "K" has successfully completed the examination given. "K" has recorded the best results from the standard LINPACK performance measurement (program for solving systems of linear equations using matrix computation used by compiling a list of Top500), ie 8.162 petaflops - or one quadrillion floating-point operations per second.

Not only that, "K" is also considered to have high standards with 93.0% efficiency ratio. These results are the first since the achievement of the Japanese supercomputer "Earth Simulator" ranked number one in June 2004.

"K" is expected to be used in various fields, ranging from global climate research, meteorology, disaster prevention, and medicine that contributed to the creation of a safe and prosperous society. Fujitsu with RIKEN will continue to work together to "K" finished installed in 2012.

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