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Secret iPad 3-Technology News.
After ipad 2 international success in the world market that is able to attract the world community, now ipad 3 in which a successor has been waiting for the international market will be present with the new features and latest developments from Apple tablet is still interesting to observe .

From a recent report stated that all three iPad will feature in ungkapakan early February. The information came from a blog called Macotakara who assume that Apple will unveil his iPad 3 early next month along with the release of mobile operati system IOS 5.1.

Apple according to its suppliers in Asia and several sources in the United States, is reportedly preparing to mengelenggarakan special event in early February.

Although still confusing Apple's new tablet-related when it was introduced lately are often present in nature to enliven the world of cyberspace rumors. According to information before Apple is rumored to be released iPad 3 that support LTE 4G network in March.

In addition, the iPad 3 also mentioned having a thicker body, HD screen 2048 x 1536 pixels, as well as battery power is two times stronger than the iPad 2.

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