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Technology News-BlackArmor NAS 110 Network Hard Drive
At present the need for large-capacity storage can not be avoided, especially if you include people like to download multimedia files in high definition. Not only that, the many activities that require storage will gradually increase the data capacity.

Well, Network Attached Storage can be a solution. One advantage of this method compared to the external hard disk storage that is accessible online from anywhere. However, there are obstacles. For users who lay around the network, connecting the NAS as a storage medium for use is certainly a problem on its own.

A number of manufacturers of NAS and then working to find solutions to overcome both. Seagate, one of them, presenting the answer through a series BlackArmor NAS 110.

Design and Features
Capacity offered by Seagate BlackArmor NAS 110 that we try this time amounting to 1 TB. He relies on a gigabit network connection. With these specifications, this product segment targeting home to small and medium-scale office.

NAS 110 comes with two USB2.0 ports on the front and rear. The front is devoted to the use of instant backup OneTouch Backup feature.

By pressing this button, the content automatically from the USB storage media (flash or hard drive can be eskternal) will be directly deposited into the NAS and will automatically be placed in a special folder. So you can simply back them up without the help of a PC.

The USB port on the back can be used to connect to another storage device or printer if you want to use together in one network. Here is a brief specification of Seagate BlackArmor NAS 110:

In the bundle, Seagate includes two applications to perform backup and restore data, where this is provided in plural NAS device. Application made by Acronis is comprised of Discovery and BlackArmor Backup. But of course, you can still use the application of data protection in addition to the two applications.

We try to pair the NAS is on a computer with operating system Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit and Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. The three methods we use today to try it.

First, we connect the NAS to the router using a wired connection with the condition of the PC connected to the router via cable. Second, exactly the same. The difference is, the connection from the PC to the router via WiFi. Third, we connect the NAS directly to a PC using a LAN connection (ethernet).

Apparently, through these three methods, the NAS can be detected without the need to do any configuration other than plugging in a cable and restart the PC. NAS can also be accessed either through a browser or directly through an IP based network folders in Windows.

We tested the data transfer rate using three methods. Of the three ways this first method is the fastest method of doing the data transfer process. We tested it using the application DUMeter 5:20 version (trial) using a size of 1.36 GB MKV file.

The results of the data transfer is quite good although not exactly special. For the needs of data traffic that is not too large, it is still quite adequate, according to the targeted segment.
In addition to the series NAS 110, NAS 220 Seagate also present. The code number indicates the specifications and the intended segment. 110 series itself has meaning, value 1 indicates a capacity of 1 TB while 10 confirms the number of systems that can diproteksinya. While the NAS 220 has a capacity of between 2 to 6 TB with the use of up to 20 PCs.

BlackArmor NAS 110 itself is sold in the price of U.S. $ 209.99 for 1TB capacity. As for 2TB and 3TB model, marketed at U.S. $ 259.99 and U.S. $ 309.99.

• Features a complete data protection and backup
• Easy installation

• Speed ​​of data transfer via WiFi slow

Compared with an external hard drive, NAS can be accessed online from anywhere.

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